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rvb® is a unique brand with a strong identity and a history of innovation and excellency.

van bastelaere

To better understand the origins of the company, one must look at its founder, Gaston Van Bastelaere. Creative entrepreneur, he set up a faucet workshop in Brussels in 1935: rvb for “Robinetterie Van Bastelaere”. Technician by training, always ahead of his time, he developed a number of innovative valve systems with unique and patented stop mechanisms, gaining an immediate recognition from professionals for the technical perfection of his faucets.

Since then, honoring this tradition of quality and innovation, our engineers and designers constantly push back the limits of imagination, combining strategical innovations and award winning designs. We attach great importance to the creation of faucets with a distinctive personality and we give pre-eminence to innovative forms which are compatible with the latest technologies that we master and develop every day.

In line with the rvb® tradition of innovation and banking on an experience of more than 75 years, we face the future with confidence. We look towards designers whose profiles are adapted to our aspirations whilst still strictly respecting the DNA of the brand which blends technology and tradition. It is not surprising to find in our selection the architect-designer Alain Berteau who embodies the new Belgian creative impulse and Flamant who, indifferent to fashion, proposes a resolutely modern take on comfort, elegance and originality in the house.

All our new creations uphold a very visible philosophy: a tradition of perfection beyond styles. The greatest architects, decorators and interior designers have understood this and frequently call upon our competences to equip prestigious hotels, public buildings and private homes across the world.

In our Brussels workshop, we master the creation of our faucets from the first sketch all the way to industrial production where we enforce without compromise our high quality controls, which result from decades of experience and testing in real-life conditions.

The most recent industrial technologies, associated with the exceptional know-how of the brand’s craftsmen, guarantee the excellence of our products. Passionate about our work, we do not compromise with either our requirements or those of our clients. The rigorous selection of quality materials like solid brass and the obsessive care we take with the finishing of our faucets are at the source of their quality, robustness and durability.

Meeting the most demanding constraints and forming in itself a true quality label, the rvb® medical line is one of the classics in its field and can be found in major hospital complexes. It is not uncommon to discover in unsuspected public buildings an rvb® faucet still functioning as if it were fresh out of production though it has been in use for decades. Just in case, we guarantee the availability of spare parts, thereby securing your investment.

The creativity of our engineers is also a key factor which, in cooperation with companies who share our values, brings new ideas and solutions. Faucets with progressive opening, linear movement or even security systems like the Safety Security Lock (SSL) for the concealed thermostatic versions are but a few examples.

Always at the forefront of technology, our latest developments in the field of electronic faucets set a new standard for the safe and user-friendly control of water usage. Already perfectly adapted to contemporary models, our designers’ genius has been to offer this evolution in the original collections without ever compromising the authenticity of their character.

Our research and development department is dedicated to conceiving and fabricating faucets which are ever more resilient and respective of the environment. Ahead of the current growing awareness, the eco-friendly aspect has always been on our agenda. Our sustainable development approach is based on saving water and energy through the use of flow reduction technology and, to a greater extent, to the use of materials which can be indefinitely recycled such as copper alloys.

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