Concealed bath and shower mixer, without spout

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Designer Co.Studio
Application Shower
Concealed Part4585.00.74.INT
External Part - Brass - Untreated 4585.07.74.EXT
External Part - Chrome EAN: 54150420974614585.11.74.EXT
External Part - Brushed Chrome EAN: 54150421219374585.12.74.EXT
External Part - Brass Glossy PVD 4585.20.74.EXT
External Part - Gold 4585.21.74.EXT
External Part - Champagne PVD 4585.22.74.EXT
External Part - Brushed Champagne PVD EAN: 54150421627634585.23.74.EXT
External Part - Glossy Black 4585.24.74.EXT
External Part - Matt Nickel EAN: 54150420817054585.25.74.EXT
External Part - Glossy Nickel PVD EAN: 54150421137344585.28.74.EXT
External Part - Black Chrome PVD EAN: 54150421053334585.29.74.EXT
External Part - Brushed Black Chrome PVD EAN: 54150421291864585.30.74.EXT
External Part - Light Bronze Glossy EAN: 54150421102454585.32.74.EXT
External Part - Dark Bronze Glossy 4585.33.74.EXT
External Part - Matt Black EAN: 54150421005674585.34.74.EXT
External Part - Copper PVD EAN: 54150421661294585.35.74.EXT
External Part - Matt White EAN: 54150421145194585.36.74.EXT
External Part - Brushed Brass PVD EAN: 54150421135364585.37.74.EXT
External Part - Light Bronze Matt EAN: 54150421260004585.42.74.EXT
External Part - Dark Bronze Matt EAN: 54150421167284585.43.74.EXT
External Part - Brushed Copper PVD 4585.45.74.EXT

Concealed wall-mounted bath and shower mixer with thermostat, two stop-valves and handshower, without spout

Andrew Collection

Andrew Collection

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